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C B Mitchell is an accomplished entrepreneur and dynamic speaker with over 15 years of experience; she has established herself as a trusted authority in the field, driving innovation and inspiring professionals worldwide. Actively serving on multiple committees and panels in transportation launched her into the public eye as a renowned thought leader in the logistics industry. 


As an American entrepreneur, logistic proprietor, creator, and consultant, C B Mitchell has made significant contributions to the growth of the logistics sector. Her expertise spans various aspects of the industry, including operations, supply chain management, and business development.


Recognized for her exceptional knowledge and insights, C B Mitchell is sought after as a speaker at prestigious conferences, industry events, and educational institutions. She uniquely captivates audiences with her engaging speaking style, combining expertise with real-world examples and inspiring anecdotes.


In addition to her impact in the logistics industry, C B Mitchell is an influential figure amongst women, particularly mothers seeking to launch their second act and embark on their business ventures. Her journey as a successful entrepreneur and community leader has inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges.


With a passion for empowering others, C B Mitchell dedicates her time to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, providing guidance and support to women looking to break barriers in the business world. Her relatable and authentic approach resonates with audiences, fostering an environment of growth and empowerment.


C B Mitchell's speaking engagements cover various topics, including entrepreneurship, logistics trends, supply chain optimization, and the unique challenges women face in business. Her presentations are known for their practicality, as she provides actionable strategies and valuable insights that attendees can implement immediately.


As a sought-after speaker, C B Mitchell combines her extensive experience in logistics with her inspiring journey as a mother and entrepreneur. Her ability to connect with audiences personally makes her presentations impactful and transformative.


Invite C B Mitchell to your next event and experience the power of her knowledge, inspiration, and guidance. 


Book C.B Mitchell and prepare to be motivated, informed, and empowered as she shares her expertise and encourages individuals to reach their full potential in the dynamic world of logistics and entrepreneurship.



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