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Mitchells Logistics, LLC is a leading logistics company based in San Francisco, CA. 

We're seeking a skilled and enthusiastic individual to join our team as a Logistics Coordinator.




  • Managing the transportation and delivery of goods for our clients.

  • Use logistics software, tracking systems, and data analysis tools. Use CRM, Workflow systems, and TMS technology for tracking shipments, generating reports, and analyzing logistics data.

  • We coordinate and manage transportation and delivery processes, including understanding different modes of transportation, optimizing routes, and ensuring timely delivery. Training on supply chain management principles and logistics software could also be beneficial.

  • Communicating with carriers, suppliers, and customers ensures smooth operations and timely delivery.

  • Build and maintain relationships with carriers, suppliers, and customers. This training can cover negotiation skills, customer relationship management, and strategies for building strong partnerships.

  • You are tracking shipments and providing regular updates to clients and internal stakeholders.

  • It resolves any delays in the transportation process and implements appropriate solutions.

  • We are optimizing logistics operations to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

  • Conducting market research to identify potential carriers and negotiate contracts.

  • Maintain accurate records and documentation related to shipments and logistics activities.

  • We collaborate with internal teams, including operations, sales, and customer service, to meet client requirements.

  • Communication and collaboration skills, particularly in dealing with internal teams and external stakeholders and resolving customer inquiries or concerns. Training on effective communication techniques, customer service, and team collaboration can be valuable.

  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

  • Regulatory requirements and industry standards relevant to logistics operations, such as customs regulations, shipping documentation, and quality assurance protocols. This training can help her ensure compliance and accuracy in logistics activities.

  • Problem-solving and Decision-making: Perform problem-solving techniques, decision-making frameworks, and data analysis to demonstrate the skills needed to identify and resolve logistics issues effectively and make informed decisions.

  • We are identifying areas for process improvement and implementing best practices.


  • Previous experience in logistics or supply chain management or being trainable.

  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

  • Proficiency in logistics software and tools.

  • Proficient in Mircosoft

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Attention to detail and a focus on quality.

  • Knowledge of transportation regulations and industry trends.

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.


If you want to join our dynamic team, please submit your resume and a cover letter to Please include "Logistics Coordinator Application" in the subject line.


We offer competitive compensation, benefits packages, and professional growth and development opportunities.

Mitchells Logistics, LLC is an equal-opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating a supportive work environment.

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