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We aim to enable seamless transportation, optimized supply chains, and innovative logistics support, propelling businesses toward success. Embrace our presence! Our vision is to encourage our partners to go digital and aid in our commitment to go green more each day. Together, we shall create a sustainable future.


To provide excellence, reliability, and customer-centric solutions to empower businesses and leave lasting impressions on their clients.




Mitchells Logistics is a 100% digital logistics service provider with offices in Northern California, offering nationwide freight facilitation for land, road, and sea transportation. As a minority-owned and women-owned company, we believe in starting with yes and taking a customer-centric approach, emphasizing integrity and transparency. Our dedication to innovation drives us to collaborate with developers, creating proprietary tracking software that gives our clients a bird's eye view of their freight. Committed to constant upskilling and training, we ensure our clients always receive cutting-edge solutions.


Understanding logistics services' crucial role in meeting diverse business needs, Mitchells Logistics strives to deliver seamless and cost-effective transportation, distribution, and supply chain management solutions. Our customer-centric approach sets us apart as we take the time to fully comprehend each client's unique goals, challenges, and requirements.


We serve various industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, government, and non-profit organizations, tailoring our services to meet their needs. With a team of experienced logistics experts, we possess the knowledge and expertise to provide customized solutions, whether it involves supply chain management, inventory optimization, transportation coordination, or navigating international trade complexities.


Our comprehensive services cover the entire logistics spectrum, addressing supply chain complexity, inventory management, transportation optimization, time management, cost control, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and customer satisfaction. Taking a holistic approach, we streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance visibility, and ensure prompt and accurate deliveries. As a local logistics company, Mitchells Logistics offers distinct advantages to businesses. Our proximity and accessibility allow for quick responses, effective communication, and in-person interactions as required. With a deep understanding of the local market, infrastructure, and regulations, we navigate the local landscape efficiently. Leveraging our regional expertise, we optimize logistics operations to achieve faster transit times, bolstering the competitiveness of our client's businesses.


By partnering with Mitchells Logistics, businesses gain a trusted and reliable logistics partner dedicated to delivering exceptional service and value. We harness advanced technology, industry best practices, and our extensive network to provide efficient, cost-effective, and innovative logistics solutions. Our unwavering focus on continuous improvement, risk mitigation, and customer satisfaction ensures that our clients can rely on us for their logistics needs with professionalism and efficiency.


At Mitchells Logistics, we are passionate about empowering businesses to thrive by providing the necessary logistics support. Our mission is to become the preferred logistics service provider renowned for our expertise, reliability, and customer-centric approach. Partner with us to experience Mitchells Logistics difference in optimizing your supply chain, enhancing efficiency, and achieving your business objectives.


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